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Southern Maryland Regional Farmer's Market


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President - Tom Clements 301-932-6467                      

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Treasurer - Sue Thomas 301-627-8007                                  

Member -  Carl Pratt 301-372-6473            

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The Southern Maryland Regional Farmers Market (SMRFM) in partnership with Maryland Department of Agriculture, Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland, Maryland Cooperative Extension, and the Southern Maryland Small Farm Cooperative, is a marketing and educational facility conducting wholesale produce sales and agricultural products auctions.  The mission of the SMRFM is to provide new and expanded market opportunities for sustained and diversified agricultural production that increases the profitability of farm enterprises, maintains the region’s economic well being and preserves a cultural way of life.


Initiative 1: Provide a multi-faceted market for produce and agricultural products, which includes auction, retail, wholesale, and cooperative sales.

 Auction market: a professionally managed market designed to bring buyers and sellers together to bid competitively for the agricultural products made available with the expectation to achieve a fair market price. 

 Wholesale market: process orders from brokers, food chains and food service businesses for bulk orders.  SMRFM acts as a coordinator to contact growers, assemble product, and to provide logistical support to buyer.

 Retail market: provide an opportunity for consumers to directly purchase agricultural products from growers, to foster a spirit of community.

 Cooperative market: to pool products from growers to facilitate agricultural product sales, and collaborative partnerships.

 Initiative 2: Provide enhanced market opportunities, assist other agricultural entities with similar interests, working with growers and buyers.  Promote product diversity with a regional focus and with a non-exclusion policy, having source verified, supply and demand based pricing. Promote and expand the market.

 Enhanced Market Opportunities: Conduct alternative and seasonal market sales i.e., hay and straw auctions, horticultural sales, and consignment auctions, etc.  

 Promote Product Diversity: provide outlet for specialty and ethnic products.

 Market Promotion: Advertise and participate in agricultural trade shows and conferences.

 Initiative 3: Engage SMRFM fully in an information exchange, outreach, and educational program for growers and buyers, to include state agencies, associations, consortiums, and open forums.

 Information and Educational Program: provide to growers and buyers pertinent market information through meetings, and newsletters.

 Outreach: provide to the community market information, seasonal product availability by offering facility tours and public forums.

 Initiative 4: Operate as a not-for-profit organization utilizing resources judiciously to become a self-sufficient market.

 Not-for-Profit Organization: Seek to attain self-sufficiency without profiting from the buyers and sellers, through increased market volume.